Thursday, February 26, 2009

Composite... Conundrum...

(Photo from inside my daughter's card board kaleidoscope, taken with my cell phone.)

I've been away, a bit. My head in the clouds, so to speak. (And those of you who are becoming on to me and my sneaky ways may find clue or reason to read into that statement if you like...) And feeling a bit out of sorts...

I've been pondering, passively this blog. Where I would like it to go. Or take me. Or me it.

In the beginning, there were reasons to be anonymous. If I post things, drafts I've written, then there still are strongly those reasons. And certainly, it is a gift to have a safe place away from ordinary public life as a respite and forum for expression...

And yet.

While it feels perfectly logical to be anonymous, especially living in a suburb of one of the most paranoid cities on the planet, I feel a bit of a loss. I really enjoy sharing myself with you. But do I in this current way share more of myself? Or am I sharing less? Certainly, in just the possibility that I may not remain forever anonymous, and in the enjoyment of sincerely getting to know some of you, there are a few posts, written and unwritten which I am now more hesitant to move out of DRAFT form...

So that is where I am right now. Happy but perhaps at a crossroads, a point of synthesizing what I've got and waiting to see what becomes. (And wondering how a tiny sniffle can leave one so flat out exhausted...)

Thank you, all of you!

I do so appreciate you.



  1. First of all, thank you SO MUCH for your sweet words in response to my last post!
    I'm beginning to think that wheat/gluten will either slowly wipe out the human race (or filter out the majority and so breed a new stronger breed of human, HA!), or else in a generation or two people will look back at how we allowed this 'poison' to permeate EVERYTHING we ate... until we copped on!!!!!

    As to the question of anonymity, it is a conundrum. It never occurred to me to be completely anonymous, though I tend not to post pictures of our faces. I do think it will evolve over time into something that feels right for you. It's still early days yet!

    Just follow your instinct!

  2. I was felling the same way. Recently, my heart began to open up, as did my blog. I still worry that I say too much, but I am trying to trust. I may go back and forth to find a balance. I think fear stunted me. I am trying to release the fear, move toward the uplifting... Good to see you back, though.

  3. A beautiful photo, Circe - kaleidoscopes are such intriguing things - so many different perspectives while still remaining, at heart, an illusion of sorts. Love where those possibilities could take me!

    I think I can understand the conflicting feelings you have. I have long struggled with the opposing forces of anonymity and whatever it is that is its opposite. And that is o.k., natural. We learn to trust our instincts in such matters, I think. Great beauty can be found at each end of the spectrum. I chose to remain apart and anonymous giving only my name and my art, writing. Some give/show more, others less. Perhaps, it is all about freedom of the heart, mind, soul - where we find that - where we feel most comfortable within a struggle that can be, at times, very discomforting and confusing, indeed.

    You are very much appreciated, too. Just based upon your words to me and your perceptions, I see an intuitive and delightful soul - and that sharing is wonderful just as it is.



  4. Thank you, my lovelies...

    I really appreciate your words, and perspectives. I feel more grounded, peaceful, even in leaving my feelings about this open-ended, which is amazing for me!

    Thank you, again. I am certainly and truly blessed.



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