Monday, February 16, 2009

Reprieve... CONNECTION!

Thank you, all of you, for your sympathy, empathy really.

I feel joyfully foolish, though certainly not foolishly joyful!

I have found the cousins I was seeking. An address now listed as a different town than the one we refer to, listed as one I believed to be miles to the east, a telephone listing and newspaper mentions using a different first name, and with it numerous locations... a map that looks different-- more streets than I remember, than possibly there were when I visited that magical crossroads.

Found found found! And when I called what I thought to be this "other location", to see if there was any current affiliation with the family from "that" town, the young girl said, "Oh I wouldn't know; I'm new and not related to the family here... "And proceeded to refer me to my father's cousin, directly! (TG)

We have spoken, and emailed. My heart is replete. My joy is returned.

I feel silly to have suffered seemingly needlessly, though on further introspection, further assimilation or perhaps in stillness and serenity, I see the need for such experiences; to be called, to be galvanized to do that which we would put off again for another day, which we will certainly not have limitless tomorrows to accomplish. A gift.

Second miracle:
Amazingly enough, my spouse, who has endured my tears and joys and entreaties to go back, had an experience tonight. Away on business, and sharing experiences after a work session, someone told of their 2 trips to Ireland. When asked what part was the ultimate for them, they shared a story of a family pub where they were so very welcomed on their first trip; a warm magical place. When the time came for their second visit, years later, they found themselves traveling 400 miles out of their way to return to this wonderful family and their pub. They couldn't leave without seeing them once more. They named the place, the town, the family I was searching for-- the very ones! I am overwhelmed... this cannot be mere coincidence. Their magic is evident, as is the magic that is spurring me on now, to make this trip!

In all that I have experienced and surrendered these past months, too, I feel the cycle of life is bringing to me the exercise of surrender, so that when the big storms come, I am not brittle, do not break...

For eventually, the bigger storms do come.

Just not today.


ps Noreen, Ciara, and anyone else, please? If you figure it out, please don't give me away! I tell you, the world is getting smaller, as I am becoming more transparent, every day... as is my true nature I suppose... ;)


  1. How wonderful! I am so happy for you! And, isn't that something about your spouse's experience... What a SIGN! Yes, there is magic in the world, I agree. :-)


  2. Wow what a story! It sent shivers down my spine. I am so delighted you have had a happy ending.

    There is absolute truth in the adage (joke) about the Irish being just about everywhere and every one of them connected. Believe me, we are a small country with a web of history that ties us together in a way no one from elsewhere can understand! It actually is like a magic, a kind of wyrd. I have experienced similar coincidences throughout my adult life in the most bizarre places (even a desert in India!!) as have most of the people I know who grew up here.

    Thank you for reminding me of what a strange yet wonderful gift we are part of!

    And don't worry, I haven't figured you out... yet! :-D

  3. LOL! With so many American "cousins" claiming Ireland, I'm not completely worried to be found out... however, if you put it together whom I've been referring to, and talk to them, that might be a different story! Still, I have no choice but to trust you... I think I do! ;) I have a special little post for you, Ciara, in March... well, maybe close to the end of February. Just a "favorite thing" that makes me think of you in particular.

    Thank you, too, for following along!

    xo Circe


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