Tuesday, February 10, 2009

From the Ridiculous to the Sublime... or, SOME OF THE REASONS THIS IS AN ANONYMOUS BLOG

Firstly, I'd like to thank those of you whom I follow, and who follow me, for your lovely heart touching prose. I am verily nourished by it, and your generosity is a blessing to my days.

I began this blog, perhaps with such thoughts in mind, to plumb the depths of my Self through writing. Certainly no poet, and with no real expectations as to what would occur whence I placed finger tips to silvery keys, I sought a hearts journey of discovery, and means by which to express that which was within, and that which was currently developing within me.

I am apparently at current time better at being "touched" than at touching... I don't seek to compare my writings to yours, and yet thus far find my better self when reading rather than when writing. I don't question my own depth; certainly it has been too much for the common good in past, and perhaps I shrink from divulging it. Or perhaps this is the lot most of us draw, to be witness to the sublime rather than create it. Most likely, I am not trusting myself to surrender those places yet. I thank you all for being here with me! I do not embrace 'VOID' nor tarry with nothingness; your company is cherished. I only hope that if in not yet "moving" you, I should at very least entertain you.

I welcome all your comments, as always.

Many thanks.

Keep writing!




  1. Dear heart, thank you so much for your sweet sweet words on my blog. Isn't this why we blog? So often I do marvel at this www and the land of Blog. It's so amazing to be able to lift the foliage and peer into the darkness and spy these dewdrop jewels hidden there.
    Keep on writing too!!!

  2. Thank you, Ciara! What a lovely and magical thing to say..



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