Thursday, February 5, 2009

W T H... Enchanted, but not yet April

So, I'm wondering-- when did I become all the female characters (all over again, in HD) in the film Enchanted April? I'm the quietly persevering one, who is suddenly sought after, the oh so eccentric, ready for a change, weird insight one, who's spouse finally sees how awesome she is, the overly social one who's pain no-one will likely ever see who JUST NEEDS SOME QUIET TIME ALONE, and the old docent dowager, undergoing transformation: "What is this feeling as though I will suddenly burst OUT!... no no that won't do at all...." I do feel as though I just can't contain this (whatever THIS is) much longer... but what is it?

Opiates, oxytocin (inappropriately and mysteriously engendered!) chakra energy... what the heck?

Each character undergoes a transformation... lovely...

Maybe they each comprise an aspect of everywoman, as Jack Lemon is an everyman, yet it never felt so much so as now for me... Something is different...

If you haven't yet seen
this film YOU MUST!


  1. Lovely post. I like your thoughts on the four women representing everywoman. I agree. And I love that photo of Miranda Richardson you posted, here. She is one of the best.

    This film envelopes all the senses - it stole my heart within the first scenes. One of those films that truly can “open” a person and take them to another place inside themselves - and with such ease and grace. Pure and consuming. And rare to find a finer cast all in one spot.


  2. Thank you, Amanda--

    for your eloquent comments... yes truly enveloping of the senses... transformative... a work of art on many levels. It's one of my all time favorites for those very reasons.



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