Sunday, March 1, 2009

Waters of March

Waters Of March

by Antonio Carlos Jobim. (to hear it, scroll down to end of post page and play it!)

A stick, a stone
It's the end of the road
It's the rest of the stump
It's a little alone
It's a sliver of glass
It is life, it's the sun
It is night, it is death
It's a trap, it's a gun
The oak when it blooms
A fox in the brush
The knot of the wood
The song of the thrush
The wood of the wind
The cliff, a fall
A scratch, a lump
It is nothing at all
It's the wind blowing free
It's the end of a slope
It's a beam, it's a void
It's a hunch, it's a hope

And the riverbank talks
Of the waters of March
It's the end of the strain
It's the joy in your heart

The foot, the ground
The flesh and the bone
The beat of the road
A slingshot stone
A truckload of bricks
In the soft morning light
The shot of the gun
In the dead of the night
A mile, a must
A thrust, a bump
It's a girl, it's a rhyme
It's a cold, it is the mumps
The plan of the house
The body in bed
And the car that got stuck
It's the mud, it's the mud
A float, a drift
A flight, a wing
A cock, a quail
Oh, the promise of spring

And the riverbank talks
Of the waters of March
It's the promise of life
It's the joy in your heart

And the riverbank talks
Of the waters of March
It's the promise of life
It's the joy in your heart

A point, a grain
A bee, a bite
A blink, a buzzard
A sudden stroke of night
A pin, a needle
A sting, a pain
A snail, a riddle
A wasp, a stain
A snake, a stick
It is John, it is Joe
A fish, a flash
A silvery glow
The bed of the well
The end of the line
The dismay on the face
It's a loss, it's a find
A spear, a spike
A point, a nail
A drip, a drop
The end of the day

And the riverbank talks
Of the waters of March
It's the promise of life
In you

Performed by Basia


  1. Beautiful song, and GREAT playlist! So many of my favorites, and Chico and the Man. That one brought a flood of memories, thank you.

  2. Thank you, Puanani!

    I'm glad you enjoyed it! I've been waiting to post that song--

    And "Chico and the Man" can bring me to tears if I let it; I have a lot of memories around that song too, of time watching the show with my Mother when I was young... And of course there are the lyrics themselves, and the fact that Jose Feliciano is blind and is a self taught musician since coming to America as a child, and also so sad that lovely Freddie Prinze (not Jr.) is no longer with us... that he let the darkness overwhelm him... so much potential...

    Let us all listen to the truth, the peace in our hearts and let us never be overwhelmed!

  3. Wow!

    I read through the words above and thought it was one of the most beautiful poems for Spring I've ever read. And then I played the song and HEY! I know this song! But never heard it sang in English before. (I'm a big Astrid Gilberto fan!)

    Thanks so much for sharing it. It's gone straight into my favourite posts folder.

  4. So glad you liked it!

    I'll have to check out more of Astrid Gilberto... I've heard her version of this too.



  5. That is totally how I feel about that is so full of all of the things you articulated!

  6. god, that photo is gorgeous and made me long for spring even more. i'm so fed up with the snow now

  7. I love the photo, too! Like a dream where you can smell and feel everything - not just view it.

    And the song and lyrics are very refreshing. I needed this, tonight.

    Thank you, Circe! :-)



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