Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Twilight Tuesdays: TWILIGHT, NEW MOON, Sunspots...Parrish Blue

Well, I have certainly been experiencing technical difficulties at Circe's Palace!

Computer overheating, and no longer recognizing my phone, where I take most of my pictures, so no personal downloads of any kind, digital camera experiencing some sort of disc error, missing dongle... is it sunspots? Or is it me? Talk about blog frustration...

Anyway, here is a tidbit for Twilight Tuesdays, which is not what one might expect. Long before I loved Edward, I loved Maxfield...

The one who introduced me to the twilight I have experienced to the core of my soul ever since... in every evening sky...

In the fading light, of nearly each newly ending day...

The final, velvet, best and glowing moments of...

Parrish blue. Twilight, by Maxfield Parrish &
New Moon, by Maxfield Parrish

: )



  1. Oh, Circe - how well-put! And, thank you for the lift in mood - Maxfield Parrish’s art is better to me than comfort food. His works are like dreams‘ dreaming. Suitable for any mood, though almost surprising - under the dream-like guise seems to be a lonely solitude, an almost-poignancy.

    His use of color - yes, that blue… He was a master of dawn and twilight colors, definitely. His ability to capture light and, especially, shadow are what really amaze me. It’s interesting how an artist can make us look at such a common occurrence as dusk in an entirely new and more soul-reaching manner.

    You know, the other night I stepped outside and, as is my custom at dusk, looked towards the sky - it was PURPLE…a deep, rich indigo-purple. Mr. Parrish should have been there!

    “Air Castles” and “Deep Woods Moonlight,“ are my very favorites of his. I really enjoy his winter scenes, too - can almost smell that snow, like the north woods.

    I’m sorry for the technical troubles. For all the good these computers can do, they sure can be a bother when they up and decide they want to take a day or two off. When mine acts up, I send it good energy (!) - it actually seems to work!



  2. Extremely well put, yourself! Yes! that is exactly what happened to me the first time I looked at his works, decades ago-- he made me look at the night sky, among other settings, in a completely different "light" in every sense of the word. And I shall remain happily changed. Funny you should mention those two works; I don't think they are the standard thought of when his name is mentioned, but I do love them too! I hadn't looked at Air Castles in some time and was happy to visit it. Interesting that young man's face, though I recognize it now (for the first time) from other of his works! And funny about Deep Woods Moonlight; I was unaware of this work until somewhat recently. Such contrast! I think he captures things that only just recently could be expressed together in terms of visual. Detail, light, burning and glowing light, transparent darkness... They exist, but perhaps cannot be easily grasped side by side, even and especially with traditional apparatus. Some of the digital art of today is taking us similar places, but his eye, imagination and fine artistry is still a rare combination, not to mention his expressed soul, and I feel he has never been close to duplicated. Not today, and not then by his contemporaries, though they tried! He was definitely a man with an eye before his time.

    I'll think of you when next I, too, step out to visit my dusk, my TWILIGHT...


    Hugs and good cheer,


  3. Thanks for your recent visit to my blog. I have to agree with you about Maxfield Parrish. I've been a fan of his for a long time. I love the rich golden hue that settles over everything in his world.

  4. Yes! Definitely! Light is well and beautifully represented in his world...

    Thanks! Stop by any time!


  5. Beautiful post Circe.

    Absolutely stunning pictures. Can you believe I've never seen his work before? How'd that happen!

    Off to take a look now!

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