Monday, July 6, 2009

Lovely Lurkers... a message to you.

LURKER definition:

1. one who sits in an internet chat room, message base or newsgroup, (or BLOG) but does not participate.
2. to go furtively; slink; steal.
3. to exist unperceived or unsuspected

Of course, these are not the actual lurkers to whom I am speaking! But they will likely know I mean them when they see these... I think? I know 2 of the 3 don't currently Blog. This may just be a shot in the dark. But like Dark Edward, maybe I'm ready to take it as it comes! Or is that Cuddly Edward? In any event, I'd love to share him with them...

Tuesday is almost upon us already; I can't believe it. So many things I've wanted to post aside from Twilit items, and yet, here I am.

I once struggled with the fact that I intentionally omitted certain aspects of my real life here, due to the impetus that spurred me on to start this blog, now extinct. (the impetus, not the blog!) For example, I rarely talk about my children, the fact

that I am a fanatical foodie, aspects among many others. But now, rather than opening up to more topic matter, I seem to be narrowing down! Rest assured, this is not a Twilight Blog!! Is it???

Hopefully coming soon in no particular order, Texas, The Fourth, and any and all things non-Twilight. But since I've not yet arrived at "soon" (when shall I know if and when I do?) I'd like to send a message to a few welcome possible "lurkers". They are specific and near and dear to my heart, and if they are listening, are very likely pretending for my benefit that they've not figured out that this blog is "me". Or maybe it's for their benefit. Or maybe it hasn't occurred to them, which is fine. I want you to know, my lovelies, that though I give you credit for your possible crafty ways, I would never have forwarded certain links to you by email if I weren't okay with you (three) figuring me out. I've always walked a fine line here with this anonymity thing. Strongly ambivalent is how I feel and where I stand. So, like I said, it's okay. I think I might know that you know. And then again, maybe I'm giving away all, just by posting this! Slim chance, but possible, I suppose.

So, to 1 gorgeous blond (kc-sunshine I'll call you) and 2 raven haired beauties (oh, 16, I still think of you as raven haired! It's only since last summer that you've "gone platinum"!) ... *sigh* let me know if you know? I mean, the number of my profile views seems to go up in spurts, and several of the times I really seem to think-- sense it may be due to you. Especially my ravens, who are likely in cahoots, even though I started all this Twilit stuff and more with you two myself. Especially you, VLM! I'd love to share some stuff with you I think you'll love! But you too, sunshine! After all, you are the one who started all this with me! ;)

Love and hugs, darlings. If you can hear me, that is! And, of course, even if you can't.


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