Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Cleaning Up My Act

Yes, I know, so obvious. But I feel I must make a break away from, well. Hmm. Reading.

Here is a post seemingly out of the blue, but dedicated to two products I love, and which require special effort on my part to acquire. No-one nearby sells them, and they are marvelous for me and my kids. Especially now that summer is in full swing!

Thursday Plantation French Milled Tea Tree Soap.
(They make another bar, but this is the one I prefer.) Usually I must special order this. It does smell typically of Tea Tree, but is a wonder for both the wintertime dryness and seasonal itchiness that come of running free through the grass in spring summer and fall. It cleanses gently and soothes and heals. Anyone who's kids have eczema or dry skin may want to try this. I believe it contains lanolin, however even my lanolin sensitive child benefits from it!

Mode de Vie Sea Mud Soap

I must travel a distance to buy this, or order online. A great exfoliator, pore cleanser, with some skin firming qualities. Smells like a touch of old fashioned men's cologne, but scent is not strong or obtrusive or lasting. Lather up after beginning a hot shower (face too!) let sit a tiny bit. Lather up hot wash cloth with it also, and scrub away. Great on T-zone and hips and thighs alike! Apparently gentle enough for teens even with sensitive, combination skin. LOVE THIS SOAP.

Enjoy and Happy Summer!


  1. Oh, Circe…beauty products. Love! The seamud soap sounds particularly nice. Isn’t it amazing how such little things can perk us up? I have very sensitive skin, so it’s nice to be turned on to some new (gentle) products.

    There’s this great little shop in Madison called The Soap Opera that sells unique beauty goodies that I used visit all of the time back when I was in college. They had dozens of aromatherapy oils, too. Every scent imaginable, even lotus. They’d mix custom-made lotions, perfumes, etc. out of the oil blends chosen by customers. That was back during my “free spirit on the loose (but at least Dad’s grateful I’m studying Buddhism)” phase. ;-) I still remember being like a kid in a candy store in that place.

    We need these little things for ourselves, sometimes!

    Hugs and happy weekend to you,

  2. Yes indeedy, we do! I too have very sensitive skin. I always wish I could use just anything that smells good to me. (We've discussed the importance of scent to us, haven't we!) But I guess it isn't to be...

    These are one's I can stand by, I think, and that it sort of feels stand by me.

    Especially the SeaMud!

    Happy Weekend to you too!


    PS This bar is a bit pricey-- about $10, but it's LARGE. I often will cut it into pieces to divide between sink and shower. Once, I cut it in half and then each into quarters and gave them as guest soaps-- the leftovers became travel soap! :)


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