Thursday, July 16, 2009

STUNNING: Repost of Video. Kayla & Kupono... dance ADDICTION

Danced to Gravity, by Sara Bareilles.

I wanted to share this last piece from SYTYCD by Kayla and Kupono. I just think they are a perfect pairing. We probably won't see them dance together again. What a treat that they ended up together for all that time and that two astoundingly beautiful and moving dance pieces came out of it.

This one is choreographed by Mia Michaels and is about Addiction. Chilling. I cried. Without fail. Goosebumps? Sure. Those, too. To see and hear Kupono's perspective going into it... and to witness Kayla portraying the fulfledged beauty of our humanity... *SIGH*

Kupono plays the role of "Addiction" though not entirely willingly. It makes the performance all the more poignant. First Youtube video I posted was removed. Try and see this while you can.

Note: the first 11 seconds don't play for some reason. What you miss is Kupono saying that addiction almost destroyed his family, almost destroyed the best friend he has... He has been directed to "smile" because he knows she's coming back no matter what. Ahh! Just watch it.

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