Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Twilight Tuesdays ( vol. 1)

"For now, Tuesdays shall be for Twilight... as long as it lasts for me, so shall it for you."

Well, I didn't really think it would happen to me, didn't foresee it, even with all the available evidence. I am reading Twilight again. Well, the series. I've already finished Twilight. Again. I'm now reading New Moon. Again. I've also read Midnight Sun, but only once. (So far) I'm saving it, as for me the first time through, after having finished the four, it was the most delicious. In fact, I attribute my current addiction to having read Midnight Sun (the available chapters on Stephenie Meyer's website) after the fourth book progressed and culminated in a way that left things at a sated stopping point for me. And then. Then I read it. Imagine watching or experiencing your favorite film clip of all time, or music video even, in an isolation chamber in super hd, with that amazing surround sound system you only ever dreampt of ... Sure you loved that film, that clip, that video, that song before. That goes without saying. And could visit it from time to time. But now, you have the opportunity and experience to be INSIDE it, all the things about it that you already loved, cut to the heart of it's essence and mainlined directly to the heart of you. Well, then. You might become somewhat addicted too.

Of course, I am speaking of Edward here. But the concept I suppose applies to the storyline, too. In a more temporal fashion, perhaps.

This little blog series will document my thoughts and musings on these stories, and also some on the film. So far, I have been intrigued by several forums, and blogs dedicated to just this topic. However, even given my initial addiction to the books, I think that writing here is thusfar a more satisfying way for me to continue my experience. I think in particular Twilight Moms is a terrific site, and was tempted to join their forum for all the reasons it exists. I suspect, though, that there will come time all too soon when I will likely put away my Twilight; I wish to chronicle in part this amazing and unexpected experience before I do.

Perhaps I will reach others with similar musings. Welcome to you then! And welcome, too, are your comments.

Among the best of all from discovering these books, are the thoughts and discoveries I would not have likely made if not for the (hopefully temporary) obsession and exploration of Twilight elements. The apple photo, above, and it's photographer Diane Varner are one example. Her gorgeous art came up in a Google search for "Forbidden Fruit". http://www.dianevarner.com/index.php?x=about

The surprising and moving music of Robert Pattinson, who stars as Edward in the film is another example. #83 on the player at the bottom of the blog is Never Think by Rob Pattinson.

As I was playing Never Think, while composing this, in trying to avoid interrupting the song, I clicked the pop out player, but it wasn't already playing, so I clicked it there too. Amazingly the first player (for once) didn't stop playing when I clicked away, and I was able to experience the most amazingly harmonious and haunting version of the song with both of them playing simultaneously, even having begun at different times... Wow. Incredibly beautiful and moving. Such a gift. And I wouldn't have thought that could have been possible; it's a seemingly simplistic song and yet NOT-- pleasantly surprised that it held it's own harmonies and rhythms so beautifully against itself. : ) Bravo, to you, Rob, on your quite old for your young years soulful musicianship. I'm hooked! And finally understanding (sometimes tearfully) the lyrics, now, I am doubly moved. (ahh, *sigh*...mmm....)


  1. I’m afraid I’ve nothing of real substance to add, here, Circe - but, just had to comment on the simultaneous playing of “Never Think” - yes, fantastic - light but heavy. The type of melody that could give life to wishes.

    I played the first song about 10 seconds ahead of the second.

    What a treat you’ve discovered! :-)

  2. Amanda, I'm glad you liked it! I've tried to recreate the initial experience, without luck, but with a few interesting outcomes. One like an echo that was quite haunting indeed.

    I love your description of a "melody that could give life to wishes" !! AH... Gorgeous. Wish it were true, but then again...


    Did you ever begin the book? Did you say your brother-in-law sent it to you, or was that just a word of mouth recommendation?

    I'd love to know what you think, when and if you do try it out.

    The Mother's Day Wishes post applies to you, too, dear, btw.



  3. Hmm… No, I haven’t read the book - have been busy catching up with things around here.

    My one brother actually had asked if I’d read it. His husband (yes, “brother-in-law” would be the term, I guess!) is the one who reads them - I‘m sure he‘d lend one to me, too, whenever I get the time!

    On to your Mother’s Day Wishes post!



  4. Ok. Only catching up now but SO HAPPY to see you taking Twilight to another level!

    I just LOVE his music... I wish he'd do more but it seems he has no plans to... sigh...

  5. Hi there!

    I say, just believe he will. I do. How can he not? I mean, he's got it in him, so eventually, I'm confident twill find it's way out! There are 2 other songs if you search on Playlist... btw. I'll be Your Lover Too & To Roam. Not sure if there are more (?) but seem to have seen music of his on some fansite, so there may be.

    He said somewhere (so English) that he thought of giving up acting, but then thought 'hey, I could be working in a shoe shop...' and so decided he thought acting was a pretty good way to go. He's so young... I think at some point we'll "hear" from him some more!

    Still, and anyway: *SIGH*



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