Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day to the Amazing Women in my Life

What is Motherhood?

We all know the classic, the definition, don't we? But what about all the rest? What is it inherent in us to be, and to have the potential to be Mothers?

Why is it that girlfriends are so different than guy friends... that though our male teachers may mentor us, even care for us, there is not one who can take the place of that oh so favorite teacher, who with her grace and wit and knowing, left us both comforted and somehow desiring to be more than we already are?

One might ask, well then, is the question What is Womanhood? Yes and no... so easily "woman" can be an anatomical description, definition. But I understand this query. What is it?

What makes the power of our caring so universal and so potent? Are we at all times in a process, of becoming? So that the future of HUMANKIND rests so basically and so intricately on WOMANKIND? On Motherhood? On tenderness, strength, energy, peacefulness, perceptiveness, diligence, nurturing, vigilance, loyalty, faithfulness, sacrifice, selflessness? On the ongoing ability for a girl and woman to grow deeper into these qualities, these abilities? As a daughter, a sister, a friend, a wife, and ultimately, in many cases, a Mother?

Yes, ultimately, a Mother.

And yet, before and between and behind it all, I see we are mothering each other. Even now, I see it. And I think of you.

I am grateful for you, my daughter, my sister, my friend, my Mother, my friend's Mother, my Stepmother, my Mother-in-Law, my Aunt, my niece, my cousin, my girlfriend, my teacher. I am awed and grateful, too that one need never be "Motherless", as I have not been, thanks to you.

I wish the amazing and mysterious blessings of your beauty, your care, your spirit, your womanliness, your motherliness that I see and recognize in you, to visit and tend to YOU, on this day and always...

Isn't that what we are here for? And shouldn't it be so?

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  1. Ah, so sweet - a perfectly-balanced way of words, Circe!

    I often ponder the meaning of mothering. I am childless, will remain that way, as I shall remain single (for various reasons), it seems. All things considered, it seems the only way knowing what I apparently know. One reason: it allows me to better help those that I help. It’s really quite beautiful to know and see these things as they unfold and to be able to give them what they need, in a manner. I am not their mother, will never be, but I can give them that type of love.

    Reading your post, here, I feel empowered, in a way - and deep mourning (which I resist, but shouldn‘t - thank you for opening it up in me, I need to allow it) for a few. It has also caused me to count those few women in my life who have been mothers to me.

    Your post came at just the right time, here. A true blessing! I am near crying now (VERY good tears). I see the looks, those “will you accept me?” looks - those heartbreaking looks that I know symbolize a lack of a mother‘s love in their lives. We all need that love. Your post symbolizes that all women are mothers, innately, and, thus, can give that love to those who need it.

    Thank you! I really needed this, right now. I feel both strong and weak, and it is the right blend of feeling for right now.

    Good connections.

    I hope you had a truly wonderful Mother’s Day, Circe!!

    Many, many hugs,


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