Saturday, May 16, 2009

Dear Little One

Dear Little One

My dear little one, home, ill.

My beautiful little Vermeer, or Carl Larsson,

in the light that surrounds you

Waterhouse or Cicely Mary Barker, in your face, the light, the spark that you contribute

from within

My flower fairy, flaxen haired, skin of white gold,

eyes of varying green, bluegreen, gray,

A widows peak, forming, I've only just noticed,

where her silken flax meets her silken skin

Cherubic, become fae

Quiet, soft, on the mend.

Cherished moments,

the world slowed

Sun dapples the green and gray shade on the floor

of her fairy bower

through the windows of spring

green all round, quiet growing

like my sweet one

so rare in stillness

her hand in mine

a book between us

our eyes on the ceiling

both able to

share this moment

sweet like gossamer candy floss

and spun as delicate ephemeral

hearts united

my sweet love.


  1. Oh, Circe - this is so beautiful - just so beautiful.

    I hope to read more of your poetry, in the future - it's like a delightful, warm breeze in my life.

    Healing thoughts,

  2. Thank you, Amanda. That is very high praise.

    I am so lucky, blessed, in so many ways. Though through both the fortunate and unfortunate we can find inspiration, even guidance, no?

    I'm glad I can contribute a warm breeze to someone. Although, my little one really is the sweet fresh air in our house, so I suppose what I've really shared, contributed, is her!

    Thank you for your kindnesses.



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