Friday, March 6, 2009

Midnight Snow... after the second, before the third.

I can't believe this is March... or that it was 6 degrees Fahrenheit overnight 2 nights ago, and that it should be 73 this weekend...
The first snow was 2 inches, and melted after 2 hours... who would have believed it was ever there...? The second snow came a few hours later, but in fits and starts... In the night I got up to peek out the window... No new snow, but this is what I saw in the hazy moonlight. By morning we had 8 more inches, with drifts after 25 mile an hour winds, to one and a half feet. Still, not much for the year, while way too excessive for March! Madder than a March Hare... In like a Lion... I suppose the Lamb is due on Saturday...

(All of these were shot on the same night...)

The Earth can be any shape you want it
Any shape at all
Dark and cold or bright and warm
Long or thin or small
But it's home and all I ever had
And maybe why for me the Earth is flat...

All along you still believed
Believed you were immune
And if love is all you're missing
Look into your heart
Is anybody home ?
Please remember ...The Earth can be any shape you want it
Any in the world

Thomas Dolby, The Flat Earth

Selection #17, Player at the bottom of the Page...(merely mood music, if you like)


  1. The pictures are haunting, Circe. I’m grateful for the warmer weather…walked out the front door today and I just smiled. So nice to hear the birds singing, again.

    Happy Spring! :-)

  2. Happy Spring to you, Amanda!

    Thank you!

  3. The photos are magical and ethereal, they transport you into night...

  4. What beautiful pictures!
    I think our snow is gone for good now, though the distant hills are still be-sprinkled!

  5. Yes, our spring seems well rooted here, too, if relatively sudden considering just seven days ago!

    Thank you for your sweet comments! :D

    I'm off to enjoy the (non-snow induced) ring around the moon... :)

  6. Ps.

    Want to play tag? Come on over if you do!

  7. Gosh. What a beautiful blog. I am happy to have found you.

  8. I absolutely love these photos Circe, they're beautiful - I'm a photographer too ;-)


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