Monday, March 23, 2009

Plate 'o Brian Eno... Gnomes... Cotswolds...

Things are striving towards stasis here-- I dare not write about any of the subtext. Must keep a positive outlook. So this is my (seemingly frivolous) post.

In light of a movie quote we often use 'round here (movie quotes abound, lots of movie quotes...) which is and derives from the cult classic Repo Man, 1984, which talks about synchronicity in life and the way things, even messages can come to us in the mundane, routine:

"Plate 'o Shrimp"

The character played by actor Tracey Walter (who will remain in my mind as "Frog" from "Best of the West", the short lived television series he co-stared in three years earlier) is explaining to a very young Emilio Estevez, "Say you're thinking about a plate of shrimp. Suddenly someone says plate, or shrimp, or plate of shrimp. Out of the blue, no explanation. No use looking for one either. It's part of the [lattice of coincidence that lays on top of everything.] [cosmic unconsciousness.] " (Quoted slightly differently by two different sources) While at some point later, (in addition to other hinting thematic references throughout) they unknowingly are standing in front of a placard advertising a greasy spoon special "Plate o' Shrimp".

Thinking of a Plate of Shrimp...


Oddly, over my way, Brian Eno keeps interlacing himself, along with, separately, garden Gnomes. (And then, in retrospect, there is for me an out of the blue reference to the Cotswolds during my Tag response.) I figured I'd Google for fun, Brian Eno, and Gnomes, having no confidence in or knowledge of any likelihood that anything pertinent would surface. Ha.

Fripp and Eno; The Cotswold Gnomes. 2006

Little did I know!

Guess I should pay attention... ?

We all should, I believe, take notice of the messages we receive. I'm just not sure yet of the significance (if any) of this one! According to my friend Frog, er Miller, no point in looking for any either. Just whether or not to believe him...



  1. Circe,

    Isn’t that neat? I just love things like this. And Brian Eno's music, I have found, conveys all sorts of connections.

    As for messages/signs, I always let them “sit” for a while if they seem vague. If there is a message that REALLY wishes to be conveyed, it usually ends up coming clearly, at some point in the future.

    I’ve been receiving many messages/signs, myself. But things are getting clearer, here. I think! :-)

    Many hugs to you!


  2. Thanks, Amanda!

    Those hugs come in extra handy tonight...



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