Wednesday, January 26, 2011


The day began, at 4:40 this morning. Something awakened me... but what? The anticipation that perhaps there would be a delayed opening of schools, perhaps. The jolt I felt at being awake impelled me to the curtained window: WHITE. Only about an inch, but covering the road, not just the grass. I crept like a mouse downstairs to the television- the easiest way to check for closing information on the schools access channel. Zilch. Still. Now, at 4:45 I was too close to the witching hour to go back to bed right away. At 5:00, that magical time for children all over our County, the schools must post the inclement weather information for the day. And if no delay? Well, I'd have less than an hour to catch those last few elusive "Zzzz's" before becoming the family alarm clock, valet, personal chef, and chauffeur.

4:50. A sound approached. Like the Zamboni of the apocalypse. A snow plow coming nearer. Within moments it was traveling down our street, a cascade of sparks flying in a 2 1/2 foot arc around it and 8 feet behind it, though doing little to bend the ice coating our street to its will. PORTENT.

5:00. Nothing. 5:01 the familiar green banner appears across the screen. SCHOOLS WILL BE CLOSED TODAY.

Now, this afternoon, after little more than some icy rain and wet roadways, the anticipated storm is here. THUNDER CLAP!! And thus begins the hail. LIGHTENING. Dear daughter worries for any risk to her dear fish. Then all tensions abate; the possibility of a gathered snow cone cheer children's spirits, as they each put out their collection receptacle by the back door.

Small icy pills, like medium tapioca pearls, to be covered later by heartier amounts of truer white fluff stuff. Then more THUNDER!! LIGHTENING! THUNDER!!!! Right over our house it seems. And then, the snow that twas deemed to become HEAVY by local meteorologists, which is due to drop 3-10 inches by morning begins to blanket our area. I wish I could successfully snap a pic of it-- so eager, it is coming down in several directions at once!

We shall see, we shall see. Already these pictures seem paltry... we probably have 8-10 inches in just over 5 hours. School is out for another day!

Stay warm dear ones! Safe! And wherever you are, enjoy!




  1. I was reading and hoping and hoping and Hooray, no school! Have lots of fun.

  2. Needless to say, LOTS of fun!

    Thanks, Catherine!



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