Monday, January 24, 2011

Emergency Room Visit leads to a Double Date: MRI table for Two? Monday Night? No problem! We'll need to eat out anyway;KITCHEN CLOSED /FRIDGE in COMA

While its lovely to have Doctors say over and again,"you're so young" (ha relatively speaking) pertaining to the TIA symptoms I apparently suffered last week, I'd gladly have them call me an "old bat" to be rid of the trouble and anxiety (not to mention possible danger) that said symptoms have brought with them.

My spouse has suffered on a different front, different symptoms, different doctor... but incredible, we who rarely go to doctors, ended up with appointments both on Friday.

Well, after an interesting to say the least end to last week, dear husband and I are booked in for a double MRI session this evening! Hard to say, "HOW LUCKY!" but really, I guess we are. In that I would never have thought to try schedule mine with him to come with me, nor likely he the same. The place just round the corner could fit us both in "back-to-back" so to speak. TONIGHT. !!!! I must say I think neither of us believed we would get in this soon, nor were we prepared as such, emotionally. But, as long as we are precertified by then, off we go.

So now, as there's no time in my day now for contemplative meditation or any of the like, I must find another route to preventative health. I'll take my orange flavored baby aspirin. And I've dug out ENYA to listen to. Which is on the old iPod, but for some reason not on my phone. I need a little ORONOCO FLOW...

While I EMPTY THE FRIDGE AND FREEZER. You see, it seemingly melted down last week. Shortly after I replenished our larder for the week. While all this was happening last week it ceased to function. After a few days with an eerie 'CLICK' or ping sound whose location was indistinguishable, and which was audible, of course, ONLY to me... well now we know where it was coming from. Hopefully NOT the death throws of our very young NOT CHEAP fridge, of course, just out of warranty, but still young by refrigerator standards. I mean the term "runs like a refrigerator" means strong tireless and RELIABLE. Doesn't it?


Mind there you go... healthy happy week, all.

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