Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I've laid the table for you and me, my friend...and it's Cezanne's Birthday. How PERFECT!

As I experience this winter, and feel myself reconnecting a bit. With the world. With my life. With this blog, the blogworld and those in it-- I feel a bit of a pang. I want more. To connect with you, all the more.

When I read what some of you have written, on your blogs, or to me, I am so touched. Blessed. By your words. Your presence. Your creativity. Your hearts.

But my desires can be simple, if not simplistic. I wish I could sit down with each of you. And share a cup of tea. We could talk. Or listen. Or just be. I can't tell you how my heart sings to think of it-- like a boiling kettle!

So when I brewed this pot, in my Hall's Superior teapot, a pretty and also sturdy, pleasing reliable workhorse, I thought of you. The many of you. But also just you. All the things that make you different, but then too all the connections we may share, and I appreciate that.

Even in the cold of winter, we may yet lay the table as if in the summer of our life, with perennial porcelain and tart tea towels sporting fruit and flower. And so it goes in our hearts as well.

So you may take your pick, whatever your preference. Reproduction Blue Calico transferware? Noritake turn of the century Selika porcelain? Fiestaware Harlequin Riviera, in the warmest most scrumptious yellow ever?

If you don't see one you like, I have others. Come on over and visit me. ;)

Warm Winter Wishes... while wishing to be a blessing back.


Oh-- I forgot to ask! Milk or lemon? Vanilla Rice Milk is what I take in mine. ;)


  1. Your post was just as warm as a cup of tea. I'll take lemon, please. Welcome back.
    I think that the Bigelow company missed the boat - they really should advertise that their Constant Comment tea is the official tea of bloggers. Ha! (It's one of my favorites, too.)Thank you so much for visiting my new site.
    Have a wonderful week. And Happy Birthday, Cezanne.

  2. Thank you, Catherine! I LOVE your new site.

    And so glad you were able to join me in a cup of Constant Comment... Lemon it is. :)


  3. Milk. And honey. What can I say? Tea is my comfort food. Keep it warm, I'm headin' over.

  4. Dearheart, you are welcome ANY TIME!!

    Milk and honey... I love when our foods are nurturing symbolically as well as physically...

    It will be warm & ready for you. xo


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