Monday, June 29, 2009

Twilight Tuesdays

"For now, Tuesdays shall be for Twilight... as long as it lasts for me, so shall it for you."

Twilight Book Club Menu

If it seems you should read into the descriptions, then well you should.

Table sporting Red and White tulips, candles.

Thematic wines: Vampire, Black Mountain, Red Truck, Old Moon, Velvet Moon...

Virgin and Juniper Bloody Marys (each with whole celery "stalk"... to BITE,)

Smoked Salmon with spice and capers

Venison Sausage

Wild Mushroom Ravioli pillows (homemade) stuffed with Black Forest Ham and Three Cheeses, "Pine" Sauteed Baby Bella Mushrooms, deglazed pan sauce of Vermouth, Shallot and Heavy cream.
Shaved Black Peppercorn Romano. (Never Think should be playing in the background)

Fry Bread or Kneel Down Bread


Oregon Berry Jams

In a glass bowl: Frozen berries, with Ice cream Kisses.

Many specialty grocers, as well as online purveyors sell elk and venison products. Fry bread is a Native American specialty. Oregon is in the Pacific Northwest just as is Washington, though Oregon is known for it's berries and Washington it's apples. Juniper Bloody Marys are all I drink; use your favorite gin in place of vodka, in this case, Hendricks.
Wish you could have been there. Mmm was it good!


  1. I am eventually going to have to read that book, aren't I???

  2. I'm afraid even in full knowledge of it's purported negatives, I must give a resounding YES! Hey, my husband finally gave in, and gave it a thumbs up!

    Any true romantic would not count their time wasted, I think. And I think perhaps you fall into that category, am I right? ;)

    (If you please, may I inquire as to your Edward's lineage? He is so fetching-- ahem. Perhaps pun intended, though I'll not admit it!):)

  3. Eh... Scuse ME!! Why was I not invited!! Lol!

  4. P.S. Have you read the fanfic Wide Awake?

  5. You were definitely invited! (right? I should look back... maybe it was on Milkmoon... this is a delayed post, from before all h. e. double toothpicks broke loose over here in May) I just Googled Wide Awake-- I see a little bit (2 pages) lots of comments, and some Youtube links. Can you send me your link?

    Check this out from LAST NIGHT'S So You Think You Can Dance (U.S.) Kayla and Kupono choreographed by Sonya to Eyes on Fire from the Twilight Soundtrack:


    I would have chipped in for your plane fare, if you'd brought that gorgeous cake with you! (Was it gluten free by any chance?) ;)

  6. Okay... so I think I would have just bummed a lift with What-we-eat- Lisa! Maybe she'd do her delicious bloody red beetroot risotto! Oh yeah, check it out!

    And be warned... (really, no one warned ME!) but if you have not read any fan fiction then... gulp... oh dear... Truly, it should come with a health warning...

    Are you ready?

    Wide Awake here:

    And lots more here:

    And finally. I am sorry. For giving you these links. As a fellow *Twilight* fan, I apologise for what they will do to you...

    ENJOY!! :-D

  7. Oh wow! First of all, beetroot risotto sounds FANTASTIC! (no pun intended) Why didn't I think of that?

    While the thought of that makes my mouth water, as seeming foreshadowing of visiting these links, I've goosebumps!

    Due to tonight's festivities, I think these will need to wait until tomorrow; now "can I, myself wait?" is the real question!

    Thanks! Will DEFINITELY check all of these out!

  8. Just replied to you on my blog but I'm so excited that you are reading WA that I just had to pop over here!!

    *teeth trill*

    Woop woop gotta love that bad ass Edward! and the unicorns... when you get to those... you'll thank me...!!!! xx

  9. OMG--- I AM TOTALLY HOOKED! AND it's a beautiful day here, astoundingly so, and I'm trying to find ways to read outside without my laptop overheating, keep the kids occupied and still out of my hair enough to keep the storyline going. I must say, I never thought I could do it-- get into it so fast with all the "missing elements?" or the main one at least. But here I am! Mere hours later! So now you must know, I have the same incredulous reaction to the following, which is if it's like all the rest, sure to become quickly credible: UNICORNS??? You've GOT to be kidding me!! And still, I read on...

    Thanks, Lisa and Ciara!! xo I really needed a fix! ;)


  10. Girlfriend I hear ya!! And let me tell you, by the time you get to those Unicorns you will be considering us your two best friends...

    I left you a note over on my blog too...dunno if you will fully get the joke yet...!!!

  11. Wow, truer words were never spoken! By a drug dealer to an unsuspecting buyer!

    No unicorns yet! If the reviewers' names weren't riddled with unicorn references, I'd begin to think you're toying with me! I thought the S.Book would reveal them! But not!

    How ironic; I didn't sleep until well after 530 this morning...

    Cooincedence or Overidentification? Who the fcares?

  12. "So you like Unicorns?"

    "Very much so."

    L O L ! ! ! ! !!!!!!!!

    I think I came to the right part... ;D


    Ciara, I think I better understand your disclaimer now... ! Thanks for the tiny semblance of warning at least.

    <<<<<<<<:) ladies, ladies...! gosh! (*blush*)


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