Monday, June 8, 2009


You are looking at one of the most highly rated products on, if not THE most highly rated. You've not heard of the Three Wolf Moon Shirt, you say? One need only READ THE REVIEWS to know of the awesome power you shall soon behold...

Keep reading is my recommendation...

There are currently 12 customer discussions, apparently ongoing, but the tags make more sense, once you reach the reviews on page 2... or 3...

I cannot deny I am intrigued... I ordered one for each of my immediate family JUST NOW, and eagerly await their arrival. I can scarcely contain myself in anticipation, and look forward to writing my own review of this apparently AWESOME PRODUCT! Please, please check it out; you'll be glad you did!

A Must Read. (Twilighters: a must have!)

*hilarity, consumerism, urban myth, AND...

(more info on the company that produces the shirt, here: )


  1. Thank you, Circe - I checked out the Amazon link and read some of the reviews. I needed the chuckle.

    Seems this Amazon reviews board has become a place for people to flex their writing muscles. Amazing at how it took off. However, I am without words at some of what I’ve read, there!

    Wishing you a wonderful Wednesday. :-)

  2. Amanda,

    I think you've said it in nutshell! I'm sorry if you read something offensive to you, though. Yes, there are a few I would rather not have read... still worth it to me given the unrestrained and unexpected laughter I experienced with many of the others! Laughter truly is the BEST MEDICINE. Lord knows, I've needed it, and am grateful for it.

    And such a seemingly unending source... I'm sure I've only read 1/10th of the posts! And the reader has options-- to read from newest backwards or start at the beginning. Or in the middle. The organism is still growing, too. The most recent "review" (shown on the right sidebar) was a mere 2 hours ago...

    (Will I? Or won't I? Tempting...)

    Happy Wedensday, to you, too. Thanks for stopping by! :D

  3. Oh, so little is offensive to me, Circe - no worries, there! Some of those people sure have an imagination, though!

    “The organism” - a good term by which it should be called.

    Laughter, yes - it is good medicine.

    Hope you are holding up o.k.


  4. Thanks. Yesterday was pretty hard.

    Still, the amazing things continue, in association with Dad, and some ways I am striving to honor him- things about his life and it's impact which are possibly becoming even clearer, and so I am blessed in ways, too.

    Thanks again. Hugs to you over there...



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