Friday, June 5, 2009


my friends, Hello. It's good to need you so...

(Yes, Neil Diamond...)

Well. Now here I am. I hope you all will not find me callous or anything else of that nature. I just can't write about Dad now. There is so much. If I could plug into my brain and download, you would see amazing things. But to pull them out, to write them out... not possible now. I have discussed similarly with a sister of mine, the idea of having been changed. And also, how in that change, how my energies are not necessarily ones that even my own chakra centers can recognize. Like a short circuiting of sorts, with an override of emergency systems...
Though, even now, I find a cheerful distraction in you all. So I hope to join in a bit. To be relatively cheerful (I certainly don't wish to drive you all away with an out-of-balance, akin to a big blue battered and badly weighted washing machine, heavy morose account of life here) and also to be cheered. (I am!)




  1. So glad to see you back, Circe. Please don’t worry about needing to be anything in particular - you are among friends, here! I (and I’m sure others understand this, too) understand changes - particularly in response to emotional upheaval. Time is, perhaps, a blessing, in these ways.

    Sending many hugs,

  2. Thank you, Amanda.

    Hugs to you, too.


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