Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Confessions of a Twilight Addict, v. II*


YOUR BRAIN... on Twilight!

Yes, that would be me.
And to think, if it weren't for the insistence of some friends in my bookclub, the experience may have unwittingly passed me by indefinitely.

I scoffed. Internally, at first, I scoffed. After all, my suggestion/selection of the gorgeous novel, The Historian, was taken, though when it came to it, not widely read or embraced by my group due apparently to the vampire topic matter. (Go figure?) And, as I smirked bemusedly to myself, here they were, insisting that this was a must read. A teen book. About a teenage vampire. Complete with all the teen hype. Hmmm. Sure. I'm game, I thought to myself. You don't scare me.

You couldn't have prepared me. Better that no one tried. Page turner? That's one understated way to describe it. If I could liquefy the essence of a book to drink it through a straw, this book would qualify. (And could I then have finished it any faster? Would I even want to read any of them in less than three days?) Was it award winning prose you ask? Rich language? A tapestry of descriptive textures? Well... I'll try to tell you what it was. Simply. Love. True Love. Enigmatic as it is and that sounds, it's as simple as that, I think. The story is truly compelling. The romance undeniable. The danger and suspense are contenders. The moral underpinnings are fresh and true. The natural ease of the characters, comfortable as your favorite things to wear. But without love... Without love I wouldn't likely be writing this. Oh sure. Okay. It's a love story. Fraught with peril, communication difficulties, sacrifice. But that's not the love I refer to. I am in Love with Edward. Ladies? Is anyone out there with me on this? I mean I know thousands are and have come before me. But I mean, anyone listening? Do you get it too? Are you bitten and infected by this glorious perfecting venom that is Edward? Is he your "favorite brand of heroin"? I know my dear, dear friend, who graciously hosted me for spring break is with me. So much so that even after having finished the entire series of books a few days prior, assertively and enthusiastically insisted that whenever possible during our spring break together she read out loud to me. Yes, yes, female bonding to the max. So what? I know, and yet cannot fathom why none of the men in our lives will read this book (series). Are we that disgusting in our gushing? Is it merely the same reason I scoffed in the beginning-- a teen vampire book? And rumored to have "no sex" in it at that? I mean, is that requisite to you fellows? (Oops is that a spoiler? I don't really think so, and ladies who've read it will likely know what I mean and even disagree wholeheartedly.) Or is it some innate instinct to veer away from the competition, no matter how fantastical, fantastic or fictional?

Yes, I'm in love with Edward. And I don't mean the actor in the film. In fact, I'm hesitant to see it. I don't want to relinquish my perceived version of Edward. Not just yet, anyway. I fear I may not get him back. I may need to see how this addiction goes... I mean, I know he's fictional. It's not like I'm that lady who's in love with the Eiffel Tower (heaven forbid). And I know certainly that I'm not alone. And yet, I am a bit mystified. but that's ok. I like mystified in this case. I don't really feel the need to analyze this, as is my usual tendency. I just feel the need. To feel. I know it won't last forever...

Or will it?

(This may not be my only Twilit post; just warning you! And how interesting that for the whole of my life, twilight has been my favorite time of day, and one of my favorite words...)

For a few Twilight tracks by Robert Pattinson, scroll down to player. #84, & #85. Possibly more in future... *Actually, the track called "The Meadow" may be actually, River Flows in You by Yiruma... and even still, not sure which of the two is performing, but will update when I've solved the mystery!


  1. Oh, Circe - lovely post, just for the way you describe things!! I have not read this book…but the way you describe it makes me want to rush out and buy it. I rarely have the time to read, though, and usually go to my favorite writers when I do.

    However, just the other day, one of my brothers and I were talking and he asked me if I had read the book. It turns out that his husband LOVES these books, too! So, there is at least one man out there who does.

    Those two songs by Robert Pattinson - lovely. The second, “The Meadow,” had me near-tears within seconds. Thank you for bringing a new singer to my ears!

    Just listening to the style and the general feel of his music , my first thought was of Patty Griffin. And, because my brother’s husband and I share a lot of the same musical tastes (including the lovely, magical Ms. Griffin), I’ll have to recommend Mr. Pattinson to him, too.

    Oh, just noticed you have "Tenderness" listed, too...oh, I am in heaven...thank-you!

    Hugs and light,

  2. OH! Thank you Amanda! Gosh, I hope my hyping it doesn't ruin the book for you! Let me know what you think if you read it!

    I just gave in and watched the film... whatever I might or might not say about it, I'll say this: I am suddenly overwhelmingly inspired to return to the film and video industry after a decade being completely content to be away. (Though maybe not insprired for reasons you might think.) And I must hand it to the star, Robert Pattinson: a true and inspiring musician, which I'm not sure I would have discovered without the movie. (As is the case with most book to film transitions,)Please read it before you watch it... ? *sigh* :)

  3. Well, I am where you were. I haven't read it....a little suspicious of the hype. And now, one of my friends has mailed me my very own insistent is she that I read it. So...I guess I shall have to give in.

    Thanks so much for your visit today and your sweet comment! You are welcome over at our place anytime! I am certain to return here!!

  4. Okay, first of all you know I meant YOUR Edward earlier, right? ;) He is quite an attractive fellow!

    OH, yes, do give in! I can tell you, better to have low expectations and be pleasantly surprised than the other way around when it comes to books and movies. So, as I said above to Amanda, I hope the hype (mine included) doesn't ruin it for you. It WAS written as a teen book. The descriptions above ending in a question mark-- those are not assertions about the book. And a friend who's a writer and sociologist didn't like it (how it was written) though she liked the story... How's that? Have I downplayed it enough?

    ...(ready, set,) Enjoy ;) !!

    (Stop by any time!)

  5. Ok! Hands in the air here... I am WITH YOU on this one! Can't explain it, other than it was like re-living that thrill and yet crushing and all consuming obsession you so easily fall into only when you are in the realms somewhere around 17. I was reminded so forcefully what it was like to feel so electrically alive. Strong words I know, but that's the way I remember it.

    What did you think of Rob Pattinson's portrayal of Edward? I loved him! I thought his suppressed torment and inner conflict were brilliantly done! Oh dear... yes... I do have a RP crush too. Sad isn't it? And his songs!!! Swoon!

    But hurray for books and movies that can bring you so perfectly into a time in your life that is no more?

    Would you believe I was happily married to the love of my life? :-)


    VERY well put; I couldn't agree with you more! That's how I remember those feelings, too... *sigh* and yet, Edward IS pretty perfect (even from here, whilst we are no longer teens), and eternal.

    Some have said they think he is Heathcliff, destructive and too controlling. Ha! I believe his actions are all justified. He has just cause for all he does. I have difficulty faulting him anywhere. (Except perhaps his underestimation of the power of her love.) He wants to give her choice whenever possible, and information to make the right choices, even if he doesn't agree. True, he doesn't disclose all to her, but not for purely selfish or insecure reasons as would be the case with a typical 17 year old male. If he's controlling, well, what do you want from a 108 year old vampire? He is HUGELY powerful, he has more information than she does, as he has several ways to know better than she what is coming, he's definitely more mature (should he pretend not to be with her?) and he's NOT HUMAN. I think he is angelic in his transformation, too. I love his joy.

    Which brings me to the film. While I liked it better the second time 'round, and think the DP did a spectacular job, so much joy that I found in the book has been left out of the film. (And some important things left on cutting room floor, apparently.) Though, I really had great fun watching it, swooning giggling and critiquing it with the ladies on Saturday. I do really like Rob in the role, though I think he could have been shot and directed better in terms of the intensity you mention. This coming from someone who, until now, has been perfectly content to have left the film industry after my teen was born. Now, I may have the Peter Jackson bug; I may need to find a way to remake these in 10 years (though I'll wait to see how New Moon goes) or so if I am still so "inspired" (understatement). I could go on and on. It's just that so much of what I found unique and important to the books was not a part of the film. One small example; Bella's caretaking nature as a way to show her potential for increased maturity and self sacrifice. Another small one; costuming. I love the juxaposition and symbolism of what she is wearing on the first page, and also the dark blue blouse!! How hard would that be to include? Why were they left out?

    I love Rob's music (and now thanks to you, I see and recognize Iron and Wine on the soundtrack!)and exponentially so now that I realize by watching the film again, where it is located to experience it as a backdrop/overlay to his speaking... AAHHHH! LOVE IT! He's a doll, truly. And me, too, married to the love of my life as well. Go figure. It's pure magic to me. (Though there are many ways to analyze it from our perspective that are specific to our station in life, as well as our remembrances of our teen time; which is likely why these books are just as powerful, if not EVEN MORE SO to we women!) Thanks for commenting Ciara!


  7. Okay, in all fairness, here is a comment I rec'd just now. I cannot post directly. Punk-----4 said: "I believe this is the worst book i have ever read. I't is just boring... Vampires are so 20 years ago. Please consult me with your thoughts. My name is _______________. text me or call me at _________________."

    Dear Punk-----4,

    Thank you for your comment! I couldn't find you on blogger, but if I'm correct, can see from your gaming profile that you are 15. I'm sorry, but I cannot phone or text you. This is an anonymous blog. I am posting this way to keep your identity anonymous as well. I truly value your opinion; it only serves to help define my own, and likely reasons for it. Yours is certainly a valid response. However, I don't think that Vampires are passe, nor "20 years ago". I know. I was there! They are if anything, so very "112 years ago", if not eternal, to my mind. I know that Zombies, for example, are very much in fashion, but they are not really my cup of tea, with the exception of some of the originals (Night of the Living Dead, etc.) and Sean of the Dead. I am inundated with Zombie lore, films, and more at my house. Vampires and their, symbolism, style an sensibility I can relate to much more greatly.

    Thank you again for your comments. Please visit again, and perhaps let me know where I can find your blog!


  8. I just stumbled across your blog today from La Tartine Gourmandine...and I had to tell you...I am SOOOO with you! I read all the books this past October, and just remembering they way they made me feel those few weeks is delicious.

  9. Welcome, Rebekka! Thanks! I like your blog! My sister is a personal chef, as well. I am a Gluten Free Vegan Baker.

    (Isn't Bea wonderful? Her's is the first blog I ever really fell in love with... LONG before I ever entertained a thought of blogging myself.)

    Come back and visit any time.


  10. I'm hearing you sister... !

    Watching Edward on the screen, brought to life out of my head, is sometimes too much to bear! He is just magnificent...

  11. Oh, Lisa...

    You're right! I just try not to think about it too much. What's the school office secretary's name in the book? I feel like her-- "Too young... too young..."




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