Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Catching Up

Well, it's good to be back. I guess! ;) I never thought I'd feel so enamored of Texas as I do after this trip. Austin is a great town, truly beautiful, hill country and a real amalgam of East and West coast, with a firm Southwest base. My hostess emailed me before I arrived to say it would be a difficult place to describe, like the blind man feeling the elephant. It's true! Though I would have an enjoyable time trying...
On Easter, after some polite tenacity, even after several attempts at being put off for another day, was able to finesse it, make an "appointment" (which was broken and rescheduled twice)and finally speak to my Dad for the first time since my visit with him. The perfect ending to Easter; he was relaxed, relatively coherent, and in a somewhat conversational mood, which was nice-- a blessing.
I have so very much reading to catch up on, starting from before my trip! You all have been busy! I still keep hoping Amanda will repost her Mary poem; I never got to read it! And Bary is back!
I'm so grateful to have all of you...
I'll write more soon. But first, I must READ.


  1. Love your blog! Keep up the great work!

  2. Circe,

    So nice to see you back!!

    I'm glad you and your father were able to talk - have been keeping you two in my thoughts.

    So glad that you enjoyed Austin, too. I've heard wonderful things about it!

    Just for you, I reposted the "Mary" poem. It is a difficult one for me to "put out there." Will leave it up for a few days, though.



  3. Oh, thank you, Amanda! And thank you for a chance to read the poem. I'll go read it now!


  4. I'm loving the new look! And that delicious book photo. I just don't get enough time to read these days... sigh.

  5. Oh, wow. You know, my sister recently said to me as I held an ingredients label up to the light to read it (both the saving grace and the bane of my existance, really, labels) "Do you need your readers?" No! I don't have "readers"! (Except for you all, of course! ;) ) But circumstances are trying to convince me I need them (grrr). I thought Ciara's post said-- and I've seen it more than once now, "I'm loving the new BOOK" rather than LOOK (which, I believe, has changed again since her compliment.) Here's a belated THANK YOU. And an internal acknowledgement that I need to exercise my eyes! (small *sigh* and another slightly more significant sigh over the book that I assumed she was loving... more on that later!)


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