Thursday, August 27, 2009

private concert

(somehow, the post lost this lovely image- a painting by artist Paul Keysar, so I have reposted. Please do check out his work. Link below.)

lights... stars... flashes, fireflies

fountains of applause

single guitar, but full soul, beauty, love

one man band

for me

led zepplin merged with ocean blue

andre segovia

every instrument represented

within one.

cool metal chair easing the muscle cares of the day

cool blue notes easing the cares of my heart and mind

fingers flying, like one constant everchanging caress


someone else's lightning lighting the north night sky

like paparazzi bulbs

from some lost Hollywood

before the mid century

insects playing their Samba whistle,

their bossa nova

stars twinkling before their super nova

western sky a redline, along the treeline

some Hollywood skyline


the stars the lights

but the music

fills my soul and my embodiment

played near to me, near to my heart, just for me.

my true love





in beauty



Image above:

Cloudy Night by Paul Keysar


  1. Circe - this is so inspiring! I love the rhythm, too. Fantastic!!

    You actually inspired me (after my artistic “drought”) to hunt up some of my older writings that I put away - and to write, again. I‘ve forgotten how good writing feels, how necessary it is, for me. Thank you! :-)

    Lovely painting, as well. I just checked out his blog - what awesome work, he does.

    I hope you are doing o.k. Have been keeping you in my thoughts…

    Sending hugs,


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