Thursday, June 28, 2012

Hope in Summer. For Puanani

Twixt the coasts... and all else... between every morning and every night, there is so much.

Last Summer, we made a journey, both difficult and rewarding...

First to the Southernmost area of the West Coast, then to San Juan Capistrano, up the PCH, to my former home, North of Los Angeles, for my Brother's funeral. Each stop, day, moment, is etched in my mind in a different mood, light, hue...

Then the Journey both ended and continued, as we made an escape of sorts, to a last minute MUCH NEEDED vacation, just the four of us, to a place I'd always longed to go; the Pacific Northwest.

We flew into Portland, and explored our way in and around the area, over bridges, across state lines and back again, over and to and UNDER and from various bodies of water, between Volcanic Snow-topped mountains, through microclimates too close together to be possible. I am still under enchantment.  Long to go back. To be both comforted by family, refreshed by waterfalls

We ate at amazing restaurants, stayed in last minute, book as you drive hotels.

The images are the Columbia River Gorge. I keep the link to the US Forest Service Air Quality Images, which update the above image every 15 minutes, on my computer at all times the past several months. It gives me much needed pause, even refreshment. The one at the bottom should refresh itself for you, too.

Between grief and renewal, nostalgia and refreshment, comfort and newness, East and West, South and North, I found so much. Among my regrets-- that there is never enough time.

I wish I could have more time, with my brother, with all loved ones... I wish I could have done more on that trip... made more connections, one in particular, strengthened others.

But I trust.  That hearts are where they are best supposed to be whenever possible, even if bodies, schedules aren't.  It's all I can do at this point. Because, There Is Never Enough Time. Not Ever. But each moment is precious. Our value of moments and each other transcends time and space.

I'm counting on it.

XO XO My Dear Ones.

(On a lighter note, my kids wish we hadn't missed ComicCon by mere hours...! : P  Laugh when you can, whenever you can. Better Laughter than tears!)

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