Thursday, August 5, 2010

Healing... Hope... Summer... Thunder

Hoping like anything to be back... really back...feeling more myself many days. Though this is far from over. Hope to share some lovely things from this summer soon.

So very much prefer the actual Thunder in my life to the proverbial thunder... It's beauty is evident, I know how it works, and it passes all the more quickly and predictably!

Love to all


  1. Thank you, dear one.

    xo to you, too.

  2. Hoping to see you back very soon! And to hear of lovely things.

    Haunting/beautiful photo, by the way. Yes...enough with proverbial thunder, I say, too.


  3. hope this means that you are feeling better.
    been thinking of you...sending you thoughts of healing and love.

    this summer has blown by. lots going on. liam starts school in september (what???!!!!!). not sure what this holds for me, but we'll see...

    would love to see you. maybe some crisp, fall day, over some cider. xo


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