Monday, March 22, 2010

Thunder! & Lightening! & Hail! OH MY!

Oh fragrant spring... today you delighted the senses with sun and anonymous though lovely scents... of flowers' perfume carried on gossamer breeze.

And now this! The smell of fresh rain on the pavement, then the rumble of distant thunder. A peal and a CRACK! and the newly darkening, greening and blackening skies perfectly set in place to showcase bright flashes!

Then, portentous knocking, as the hail comes... falling with increasing crescendo. And just as I see- notice the stones look like moth balls on the skylight windows, they stop. Perhaps too proud to have their drama upstaged.

The patter and beating is decreasing now... the thunder only rattling. Like the wooden wheels of some caravan, rattling down the road, done pedaling it's mysterious wares.

Is it my imagination, or is the green just a touch greener? The light warmer, the water drops more crystalline reflective?

There is only now, to the ear, an intermittent metallic tap, the drainpipe... the last to stay after the show, clearing up after all the hoopla...

Now birdsong. The storm is really over.

And Spring. It's REALLY HERE!


  1. Hey there, dear one. Hope you are well and this quiet over here is simply life skipping by.
    Take care. C x

  2. What a bright spot! To log on and find your visit! Yes, life certainly is skipping by... but also, there has been much illness over here since January, but find it just too much of a drag, not to mention uninteresting to Blog about. Still, it HAS zapped my creative energies.

    I haven't been in Blogland much at all- neither writing, nor reading.

    However, a trip to a specialized acupuncturist I hadn't visited in years due to distance and treatment rec'd YESTERDAY has me hoping for GREAT IMPROVEMENT.

    So lovely to hear from you; you've made my week!



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