Monday, February 8, 2010

BLIZZARD-- 30" with 10-20 More Expected over the Next 2 Days...

I have Internet, again, thank goodness...

I have photos, but am so over it at this point-- and so exhausted. Will try to upload some tomorrow. Before the next BIG WAVE comes! 2 Days of School missed, with 2more scheduled to be missed! Can you say cabin fever? I feel so fortunate to have power; we only lost power for a few hours on Saturday. There are over 90,000 people without power in my area, and with the next snowstorm due to hit tomorrow am, I fear for our family and others. We have some trees that are damaged, and some 30 foot evergreens that were bowed over to the ground, pinned down, which are still in danger even though we venture out hip deep several times a day to shake and sweep as much snow off them as we can.

Superbowl Party: was cancelled. School: cancelled. Major Roadways: open now after being officially closed for 1-2 days.

We have been shut in, but cozy, with plenty of food and fun. Friday and Saturday we cranked up the heat and I made lots of bread and kept the ovens going a little extra in the event we lost power. It helped when we did. But wouldn't have for long. The temps tonite will be in the teens, I believe.

I hope you and yours all are healthy safe warm and happy!

Hopefully I can fill in the blanks tomorrow and share some pics...


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