Sunday, January 18, 2009

Grateful to Great Britain for the BLAIR-IZZARD effect...

Just as we are about to usher in our new President, I feel I must give a shout out to Tony Blair. Without his steadfast, self sacrificing allegiance to our country and to our destructive baboon's behind of a president, our foreign relations would be not only in the toilet; they would be beyond retrieval, long since processed at septic plant. This sepsis would be possibly irreversible, even in light of all the hope resting on our President Elect. So thank you, Tony. You stood by us when few else would, even at sacrifice of your own career (and many lives... but we won't get into that here). I am and have been truly grateful to you. (And so should be my Fellow Americans)

So while I'm giving shouts out to Brits, why leave out Eddie Izzard? He so gently reminds us here in America, by virtue of his softspoken question "You do know, there are other countries???" that we are an insular, self centered, narcissistic nation. All while cheering us with his intelligent, lighthearted comedy, which so often nimbly prances about with a broad reaching history lesson. (World History, thankyouverymuch!) And besides, he makes it alright for me to like guys in makeup again... man I miss the 80's! But wait! That's not all-- Thank you, Mr. Izzard, for your abominable French. I TOTALLY GROOVE ON IT, and love you all the more for spouting it. After all, it's the only occasion where my abominable French is in complete accord; I understand every word.

This American thanks you two gentlemen for meeting us Americans more than half way... Hopefully, this attitude can effect a leg up and inspire Americans to do their part in the future that is unfolding before us.

Cheers to you both!

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